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Carabram is an annual multicultural festival that brings together cultures across Brampton through food, entertainment and education. The festival takes place annually on the second weekend of July and welcomes visitors from across the Greater Toronto Area.

Venues across Brampton are completely transformed to represent different cultures from around the world. Visitors to Carabram have the opportunity to experience these cultures through authentic cuisine, as well as traditional dance, music and entertainment. Each pavilion is also equipped with cultural displays and artifacts representative of each culture in order to provide visitors with the full experience.

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In 1982 Carabram was started as a way to celebrate the diverse ethnic communities of Brampton. The festival would become the city’s biggest celebration of multiculturalism and diversity. Carabram started with just four pavilions — Italy, Ukraine, Scotland and the West Indies. Each pavilion represented their cultures through song, dance, costumes, displays, food and drink.

In subsequent years the festival grew to include more community groups representing a wider range of ethnicities across the city. Year after year these community groups come together to help Carabram achieve its goal of stronger cross-cultural relations, greater appreciation for diversity and to help us showcase the heart and breath of different cultures in their true, organic form.

Today, over 3 decades later, Carabram is still dedicated to the preservation, development and promotion of cultural heritage that we started with in 1982..

The Carabram family consists of 11 elected directors, one chairperson representing each Pavilion and over 3,000 volunteers that help make the festival the wonderful success that it is each year.


Carabram Brampton’s Multicultural Festival encourages citizens to not only celebrate the rich cultures from which they come, but to also appreciate and learn about other cultures that contribute to the diverse makeup of our city.

We strive to:

– Promote understanding and appreciation for the multicultural nature of Brampton
– Provide a fun and inclusive forum that showcases individual cultures
– Remove cultural barriers in the city by providing an open forum to learn and interact with other cultures

We strive to do this by ensuring the festival is inclusive to everyone, by providing programming that is diverse and showcases cultures in their true form.

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