Carabram is introducing an International Bazaar at its Carabram Pavilion of Cultures location at Century Gardens Recreation Centre this year.

There are a number of ways to participate

  1. Cultural delegation APPLICATION FOR CULTURAL DELEGATION STATUS This is the first time we are seeking CULTURAL DELEGATIONS to a central concept. As part of being a CULTURAL DELEGATION at the central expo site Carabram will be seeking your connection to various cultural merchandise and artisan vendors as well as food vendors, cultural displays, cultural entertainers and community engagement opportunities (demonstrations/ speakers etc.) for our three- day festival of all cultures.
  2. Community Organization- APPLICATION FOR COMMUNITY GROUP Agency  –Carabram will be hosting for the first time a COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT site and are therefore seeking
    COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS as delegations who wish to connect with Brampton’s large and diverse multicultural community at a forum where thousands of guests from a multitude of cultures are in attendance.
  3. Merchandise & Artisan Vendor –2020 CARABRAM Merchandise & Artisan VENDOR BOOTH APPLICATION  In 2020, this new model will see many cultural artisans and vendors under one roof and allow the visitors to see, taste and experience a broader sampling of cultures.
  4. Food Vendor –2020 CARABRAM FOOD BOOTH APPLICATIONCarabram is a cultural festival and we are looking for vendors with food products which are reflective of Brampton’s multicultural diversity. We are asking all vendors to provide at least two sample size dishes that sell for $6 and $10 respectively and include a family pack that is priced to provide a family with a sample of your cuisine and that reflects our city’s diversity. Vendors can also sell any other menu items but samples are a requirement.

Send your application to