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Welcome to all our Carabram guests and friends of our festival.  Everyone here at Carabram has been hard at work putting in a lot of effort to bring you an exceptional, family- oriented, aesthetically-pleasing virtual event that we hope will impress upon you the magnificence of Canadian multiculturalism at its best.  Each year, we tell you how proud we are of our premier multicultural event and each year you respond by coming out in the thousands to embrace and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of our great nation.  We are Canada!

Carabram is the ideal cultural festival for those looking to explore the world but never having to leave your living room.  We bring the world to you!

For more than 35 years, our festival has provided a powerful platform for diversity.  We have connected tens of thousands of people to countless cultural experiences; experiences that many may not have otherwise had the opportunity to enjoy.  We bring people and cultures together.  We build bridges, not walls.  We break down barriers and show the world that together we can create a world of peace built upon mutual respect and understanding, allowing each one of us to reap the rewards of this harmony.

Carabram celebrates just how similar we really are.  For as long as Carabram has existed and will continue to exist, our small army of volunteers will always represent and reflect all that is good about humanity, all that makes us proud of and to honour our and each other’s heritage; this is what defines us as Canadians and this is what makes us truly proud of our great country, Canada.

 To our returning visitors, we thank you for your continued support.  For our first time visitors, we bid you a very hearty welcome and hopefully we will see you in person soon!

Angela Johnson


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