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Carabram is introducing Carabram’s Pavilion of Cultures location at Century Gardens Recreation Centre this year .During Carabram July 12-14 , you can enjoy our Pavilion of Cultures, World of Food and a unique entertainment lineup all in one place.

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It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you … We Are CARABRAM –  Brampton’s 37 years young multicultural festival.


* Located at our Carabram Pavilion of Cultures

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Century Gardens Recreation Centre

340 Vodden St E, Brampton, ON L6V 2N2

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Therese Guidolin

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Multiculturalism influences every aspect of our well-being. In Brampton, Carabram continues to be a major partner in creating a dialogue and being a vehicle for the expression of multicultural arts, music, food, dance and creating understanding and a lifelong connection to the diverse cultures that make up our nation.  Multiculturalism is an explanation and exploration of who we are. It is how we enjoy ourselves and it helps us understand where we live and how we present ourselves to the rest of the world.  Carabram fosters this awareness.

Carabram has expanded its horizons and is bringing more opportunities for cultures to come together in celebration of our diversity at the central pavilion located at Century Gardens Recreation Centre in Brampton.  There are greater opportunities to introduce your culture to the thousands of visitors to Carabram annually, showcasing your beauty, and rich culture, food and entertainment.

In an ongoing effort to continue to Build Bridges instead of Walls in our community, Carabram has embarked on an ambitious plan to expand its centralized multi ethnic pavilion expo site  in 2019 which will be located at Century Gardens Recreation Centre in Brampton.  It will become a venue for many cultures to share and self-express to the world so that we may all learn, collaborate, problem-solve, and lead our community into a stronger brighter future for all.

Carabram’s hope is to engage those cultural communities who may not have the numbers to put together a traditional cultural pavilion, but who have the ability to share certain elements of their cultural.

Food defines who we are and where we are from therefore Carabram will be creating a World of Food Pavilion for those cultural communities and vendors who are only able to share food.

For those who produce artistic goods or for cultural entrepreneurs, an International Market Bazaar will be created for these vendors who wish to share and sell traditional goods and objects to our many guests. Multiculturalism is reflection and catalyst for creative thinking reflected in the things people make. It is knowledge and understanding.  It is innovation and technology.  It is the spice or the sandal.  Stage B will be located in this venue and will provide our guests with the opportunity of enjoying various multicultural entertainment segments of music, dance and song and will also provide for information sharing from the vendors of the various products on sale.  Our guests will have the occasion to hear firsthand from our cultural goods vendors about how items are made, why they are made and what they are used for.

Entertainment Lineup

For those cultural groups who are only able to share dance and music Carabram will have three stages for entertainment.  The Main event stage will be located alongside the World of Food.  The World of Food stage will be the hub for Carabram’s major entertainment schedule.  Here our guests will be able to experience Steel Drums, Bangura Dancers, Hawaiian Dancers, Scottish Pipes, Turkish dancers, singers and cultural bands from around the world.

The secondary stage will be located in the International Market Bazaar venue and will host smaller scale but no less exciting entertainment than the main stage.  As well as demonstrations and other interesting treats.  The third stage will be in the Community Cultural Engagement pavilion and will be home to our more intimate community engagement and multicultural information sessions, talks and displays.  Each stage is designed in an effort to appeal to as many varied ways to experience the beauty and benefit of all the hard work that the organizers have dedicated to bring you a wondrous event that you will want to come back to year after year.   Multiculturalism is bold. It is creativity and imagination

Multiculturalism is the sharing of creative knowledge, skills and talents therefore Carabram will create a Community Engagement/ Cultural Pavilion which will provide a unique opportunity for speakers and presenters to connect directly with our guests on subjects ranging from cultural storytelling, explaining the meaning of dances, foods, art and so much more.  Multiculturalism is tangible and intangible. Culture means good mental health, good relationships and enlarged spirits. Our Multiculturalism provides joy for many people.

Carabram is also pleased to have at the Community Engagement/Cultural Pavilion “Harmonize” which is a new community run program that aims to combat racism, hate and exclusion by enabling diverse community and culture groups to collaborate and share their contributions to Canadian society.  The focus is to break down silos, share our challenges, experiences, hopes and dreams for a better Canada.

This amazing experiment at Carabram will take on the look and feel of the world famous TED Talks presentations in our Community Engagement/Cultural Pavilion stage.  The hope of Harmonize is to break down barriers and engage groups in constructive conversations.  Carabram hopes to instill in all of our guests a desire for lifelong learning that will enhance our quality of life, build confidence in one another and create opportunity for all.

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