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The Caribbean Pavilion is proud to be part of Carabram for 35 years. This year we are pleased to be sharing the Pavilion with Africa and China.

Sun, sand and sea are what often comes to mind when you think of the Caribbean. In fact, the Caribbean is all that and much more. The Caribbean has a rich history of culture and traditions. Carnival, one of our many traditions, has a complicated birthright, tied as it is to colonialism, religious conversion, and ultimately freedom and celebration. Important to the festival arts are the ancient African tradition of parading and moving through villages in costumes and masks. Carnival, in some form, is celebrated in all Caribbean islands; the events have several common themes, based on folklore, culture, religion, and traditions. English is not the official language in all Caribbean nations, but it is widely spoken throughout the Caribbean. Spanish, French, and Dutch are some of the other official languages. Numerous local dialects are spoken by indigenous populations throughout the Caribbean. Patois, a mixture of African languages and English, is the most spoken dialect in the Caribbean. Papiamento, another local dialect consists of a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, Dutch, and African languages.

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Chris Gibson Rec. Centre
125 McLaughlin Rd N.
Brampton, ON

For pavilion-specific sponsorship opportunities, please contact the pavilion chair.

Pavilion Chairs
Charles Matthews – 416.414.8964
Ian Parcells – 416-804-2275


Sponsor Partners

United Achievers™ Community Services Inc

Congress of Black Women, Brampton Chapter


A BMYC Youth Zone will be at this pavilion! Click to learn more


Food & Entertainment

The Caribbean has a unique cuisine of its own. This cuisine embodies our culture, a blend of spices, ingredients and techniques, indigenous and international, brought together to create mouth-watering dishes; from Jerk Chicken to Saltfish Cakes, Roti to Jamaican Patties. Sample some of what the Caribbean has to offer then quench your thirst with our signature punch, coconut water, smooth sugar cane juice or an exotic Carib or Red Stripe beer. Bring your taste buds!




Let the rhythm of the islands move you! Enjoy the pulsating beats of the drums and the steel band. Sway to the reggae music and whine to the calypso singers. The dancers will leave you breathless as they fuse traditional dances with the limbo. Delight in our colourful costumes and hospitality.


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