BMYC Youth Zone

The Brampton Multicultural Youth Council’s (BMYC) will be running  fun, interactive and educational activities at six of Carabram’s pavilions this year. Activities are open to children in three age categories: 5+, 7-12 and 12+.

Complete all of the activities in your age group for a chance to win an amazing price! All activities will reflect the designated pavilion they’ll take place at and give participants the opportunity to experience the cultures all around them!

Please note that BMYC and Carabram are not responsible for those participating for the entire day, but rather only the length of each activity.


Pavilions with BMYC’s Youth Zones


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Purchase a Ticket

Purchase your ticket online with ease. We have a variety of payment options. All online purchases will receive a confirmation email including your receipt, which can only be redeemed for a ticket at the customer service desk at Century Gardens Recreation Centre, 340 Vodden St E, Brampton, ON L6V 2N2.

In order to receive your ticket you must provide a print copy of your receipt (Included in the confirmation email) and a piece of ID.

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About BMYC

Brampton’s Multicultural Youth Council is a youth-run organization striving to unite the community in order to celebrate our diversity and, in the process, help make a difference. BMYC hopes to educate the public on the ethical issues that concern youth today and help bridge the cultural gap between generations.

The purpose of BMYC encompasses two major components. The council hopes to increase awareness regarding one’s cultural background and to form a deeper understanding of the diversity that exists around us. The council works to achieve and facilitate its mission through awareness campaigns, fundraisers, social media, community events and more! BMYC aims to reach out and connect to schools, other youth groups, and community organizations.


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