Carabram Community Stage Entertainment

Some of our performers – complete schedule below


Ajay Panchal

Ajay Panchal is the founder and spiritual leader of the Sri Samayapuram Mariamman Kovil, a charitable organization located in the Jane and Finch community that specializes in spiritual awakening, healing, and revitalization. Ajay is currently a licensed REALTOR® and a former Mutual Funds Sales Manager at Tangerine Investments and Studied Architectural technology at Centennial College HP Campus. He is a young, influential member of his community and is focused on youth development by instilling key principles and values which enable our youth to become constructive contributors to society. Ajay believes in unity amongst all nationalities, cultures and religions, and that change comes by way of education and awareness.




Noyz is an MC, producer & community organizer from Brampton. His sound is the best of both worlds, equally representing the fun and energy of hip hop park jams while also containing the sociopolitical commentary the genre was born out of. Noyz plays an active role in his community by engaging with youth through hip hop + mental health workshops.





Ho Thi Giang Chau

Ho Thi Giang Chau was born in Hue, Vietnam in 1954, the great niece of the Empress Dowager, and the second child of eleven siblings. As the daughter of a colonel in the South Vietnamese Army, as well as a relative of abdicated Emperor Bao Dai, Chau and her family were on the wrong side of the political conflict during the Vietnam War. Following the fall of Saigon in 1975, Chau’s university education was ended by the Communists and she was forced into re-education classes along with her siblings. Life became unbearable in Saigon and shortly into 1979 her 

mother devised an escape plan whereby Chau and two siblings would leave for a new land under cover of darkness. After many months as a refugee, undergoing trials beyond belief, Chau arrived in Canada to begin life anew, as a wife, mother of three, and successful entrepreneur. Chau along with her husband, David Ghent, founded and ran a successful designer knitwear business, which employed 40 Vietnamese women. Now they are business partners in a floral business that serves the Greater Toronto Area. (GTA)  Chau belongs to the Zonta Club which works to improve the legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status of women.



Yogeeta Jhodhan

Yogeeta Jhodhan hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Family Studies- Specifically Adult Development from the University of Guelph and acquired her Personal Support Worker and Pre-Nursing/ RPN credentials with honors from George Brown College.  Masters in Psycho-Therapy.  She possess over 10 years of employment and volunteer experience in various medical, home health, community, hospital and Retirement Residence care environments.  She’s accomplished a great deal for her age, and is already considered a highly-regarded member of her community. In 2009, Yogeeta founded a non-profit organization, Candles of Hope, which has raised over $50,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. In addition to fundraising efforts, Yogeeta and her volunteer team also positively impact their community by serving meals to the homeless in downtown Toronto/Brampton and collecting toys and clothing during Christmas for the Children’s Aid Society & help in community.

On top of her charity work and full-time job at Bayshore Home Health as a Care Manager, she causal teaches at Guelph- Humber University.

In 2012, she received Diamond Jubilee Medal from Queen Elizabeth and continues to receive other awards for her outstanding work in community, her most recent from the City of Brampton’s Mayor.  She is also, being featured on Cityline T.V.