Carabram a sponsor of CultureFest 2017

03 Apr 2017, Posted by Stephen Rhodes in Latest News, Posts

Carabram is a proud Platinum sponsor CultureFest,  Peel’s largest student-run event at Turner Fenton Secondary School April 4-5. The first event was organized in 1991. Carabram is a Platinum sponsor. More than 1,000 dedicated students will be participating in the two day festival in a variety of capacities, including dance performances, musical performances, and displays of artwork, language and cuisine.

For many, CultureFest is more than a plate of exotic food, a dance, or a learning opportunity. It is an expression of the multicultural spirit prevalent in the Brampton community and the Greater Toronto Area and is truly the hallmark of the Turner Fenton high school experience. Feel free to explore our website, and get a taste of the CultureFest experience!